A 60 Foot Tunnel Lies Underneath A Proposed Border Wall Site

February 03, 2019 - 10:39 am

Border patrol agents in Hidalgo, Texas discovered a 60-foot tunnel located along the border between U.S. and Mexico.  The tunnel is located on U.S. Fish and Wildlife property.

Experts say the tunnel, reinforced with 4x4 plywood "is pretty stout" and located at the end of a 30 ft. embankment, making deconstruction of the tunnel difficult.

The local Water District general manager Othal Brand Jr. told KRGV TV he believed it was going to a nearby sports rental business.

"Our suspicion is they were going to come up in one of these rental units and store their stuff there and just pick it up when they want. They were deep enough to go under that wall without any problem," Brand said.

The construction of the tunnel was fortified with 4-by-4's and plywood on the top and the sides.

President Trump visited Hidalgo, Texas earlier this year to discuss a border between U.S. and Mexico.