Attorney Thomas Devore: 'An education is a constitutional right for our kids'

Devore is representing a couple who is suing IDPH, ISBE over school reopening guidelines.

The Annie Frey Show
July 07, 2020 - 4:21 pm

Attorney for Darren Bailey Thomas Devore joined the show to discuss his victory against JB Pritzker.

He said Pritzker has been governing like a king and if people don’t comply with his desires, you will be punished.

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“The executive branch cannot do this,” he said. “That is what Darren Bailey’s case is all about.”

The governor is debating in double talk when it comes to different locations and counties being restricted.

Devore wants to make it clear that the governor's executive orders are gone. They do not exist anymore.

The attorney also discussed reopening school in the fall. 

"An education is a constitutional right for kids," he said.