VIDEO: Annie & Katie visit Trump Tower in New York City

Barricades surround the building--concrete and fence.

The Annie Frey Show
July 03, 2019 - 11:40 am

NEW YORK (KFTK) -- Among the many adventures Annie and Katie crammed into the few days they had in New York City, one very memorable experience was the visit to Trump Tower.

Upon arrival to simply the street corner, a few things are immediately apparent. Barricades surround the building--concrete and fence. The large stone barriers that stage a special place to house law enforcement have a big and bold "NYPD" painted on the center. Metal fencing guides pedestrians and tourists presumably from drifting into the street to get a great angle on a photo. Those photos, according to the conversation Annie had with an NYPD officer manning the scene, vary between smiles and flipping the bird in the general direction of Trump's gold and gleaming name on the front of the building. Whatever.

Annie struck up a conversation with a willing LEO who told stories of different efforts made to desecrate the building. But he also told stories of the many who flock to the building to show their support. He volunteered enough information that we felt he supported the President and did not appreciate the tom-foolery to downright disrespect that so many willingly show President Trump's building.

After the NYPD officer discussion, we were passed by two secret service officers moving from their Point A to Point B. We approached the front doors of the building that was also being protected by two NYPD Counter Terrorism officers. One of them in particular seemed to be maybe slightly intrigued or amused that these three millennials sought out the building and weren't hurling insults at it in the dead of night. Annie asked him if was appropriate and allowed for her to inquire on his opinion of his particular assignment. He confirmed that he was content to protect that building and alluded to the fact that many other in his protection would take it as an honor as well. Annie asked him if he would be permitted to take a photo, he said he was retiring the next day, so why the hell not. That photo is at the top of this post.

The inside of the building you can see for yourself here in this video. Since it was late, we were limited in our ability to explore, but if you have never been like we had never been, enjoy the sights as we did!

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