Families of Lebanon's war missing choose to forgive past

November 28, 2018 - 9:29 am

BEIRUT (AP) — Families of Lebanon's war missing are calling on their government to form a commission to look into the fate of relatives nearly three decades after the country's civil war ended.

Parliament approved forming such a commission earlier this month. The law was the first official recognition of the problem that haunted families of an estimated 17,000 missing since the war ended in 1990.

Despite a 1991 amnesty, the new law called for accountability for war crimes, causing concerns among Lebanon's former warlords, many of whom remain leading politicians.

The families said Wednesday they are not seeking accountability but want to know what happened to their relatives.

"This law didn't come to create new conflicts but to end old ones," said Wadad Halwani, representative of the families' group.

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