Judge says she couldn't refuse convicted ex-cop a hug

Judge Tammy Kemp said she believed she was fair during the former Dallas cop's trial.

Associated Press
October 07, 2019 - 11:41 am

Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP, Pool

DALLAS (AP) — The judge who gave a hug and Bible to a former Dallas police officer after she was sentenced 10 years in prison says she watched the woman change during her murder trial and wants her to live a purposeful life.

Judge Tammy Kemp said Monday that she hadn't previously given a defendant a Bible, but Amber Guyger said she didn't have one at the end of her trial for the September 2018 killing of her upstairs neighbor, Botham Jean.

A jury convicted Guyger guilty of murder last week for shooting Jean in his home, which Guyger said she mistook for her own which was one floor below.

In her first interview since the trial ended, Kemp told The Associated Press that she believes she was fair during Guyger's trial and "could not" refuse her a hug afterward.