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Nearly 9,000 Americans are sent to the ER annually because of avocados

Most injuries are sustained by white, female millennials.

August 14, 2019 - 1:53 pm

(KFTK) — Avocados send nearly 9,000 Americans to the emergency room every year, according to a recent article by INSIDER

After reviewing injuries reported to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) national injury database, INSIDER found 152 mentions of avocados in 2018, and 117 mentions in 2017. 

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However, the outlet notes the database only includes reports from 96 hospitals, meaning the actual number of avocado-related injuries in the U.S. is likely much higher — the agency estimates it's 8,900. That's about 160 per week, and approximately 24 per day nationwide.

Like some may assume, most of the injuries are cuts to hands and fingers while slicing avocados, INSIDER reported. The outlet also found over 70% of injuries were sustained by women — 80% by white people — and most of those, millennials. 

"A lot of times folks will try to remove the avocado pit with a carving knife or have their fingers wrapped around the avocado while they're cutting. Both of those techniques could lead to a bad cut and a trip to the ER," Joe Galbo, the CPSC's social media specialist, told INSIDER.

"We know it's not as cool as using a knife, but removing the pit with a spoon is the best way to stay safe while cooking with avocado," Galbo said.

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