Paris Dennard on Biden-Harris ticket: ‘If you want low taxes and safety and security this is not the team you want to vote for’

Dennard said if the Biden campaign was so sure of their success, they would not have to pander to the left and promise a black woman as the VP.

The Annie Frey Show
August 12, 2020 - 3:46 pm

This is not a moderate ticket, Dennard said. You know that this is a radical ticket if you look at their agenda. Paris Dennard said Biden and Harris are running on the idea of raising taxes and open borders.

Dennard said the Democratic Party is now the party of bigotry because it is being led by Joe Biden.

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He said they will try to keep Biden in the basement for as long as they can and amp up Kamala until election day.

“She is the de facto nominee for president,” he said on why we need to keep a watchful eye on her influence over Biden’s campaign.