Cardinals shortstop plays catch with 6-year-old Cubs fan

Because baseball is bigger than even the most heated rivalries

June 10, 2019 - 4:50 pm

(KFTK) - It's a made-for-social-media moment people will never get tired of seeing, that's better than signing an autograph or taking a photo with a fan. Paul DeJong simply played catch with a 6-year-old fan before Sunday's game at Wrigley Field and people loved it. 

The video of the St. Louis Cardinals' shortstop tossing a ball back and forth with a fan wearing an Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs t-shirt has been watched more than 23,000 times. It happened before Sunday's game in Chicago, when DeJong was waiting for a teammate to warmup with. 

The moment was first noticed by St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Derrick Goold, then the boy's father was kind enough to the share the video with us. Blake Hike gave a shout out to DeJong, calling him a "true professional and class act" for taking a moment to make "a fan for life."

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