Cops Scale Burning Building to Save 2 Children, Grandparents

December 13, 2018 - 3:03 pm

NEW JERSEY ( - Bodycam footage captures the amazing moments when North Brunswisk police officers scaled a building to save the lives of two children and their grandparents.

The family was trapped on a second floor balcony as a blazing fire quickly approached. Quick-thinking officers climbed up the balcony to reach the family and help them evacuate. One officer dropped the children into the arms of cops below and then helped the adults climb over the railing to safety.

The North Brunswick Police Department reported on their Facebook page that there were no serious injuries in the incident.

The fire was investigated by detectives and the North Brunswick Fire Marshal's office, in conjunction with the Middlesex County Prosecutor's office. They concluded that the fire was accidental and may have started as a result of holiday decorations or a menorah.