Monopoly man appears in back of congressional hearing.

(@wamandajd Monopoly Man on Twitter)

Goofy Monopoly Man Appears at Google CEO's Congressional Hearing

December 12, 2018 - 8:18 am

Although Google CEO Sundar Pichal spent Tuesday testifying before Congress, his testimony wasn't the subject of the media buzz that followed. Anyone watching the hearing couldn't help but notice one of the spectators sitting about three rows behind the testimony table: Uncle Pennybags, the famed mascot for the game Monopoly.

Some of you may eye roll becasue this is goof ball for the umpteenth time, but other may get a chuckle.

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Sporting a white mustache, a black top hat and a monocle, the man -- identified on social media as Ian Madrigal -- was a spitting image of the character. According to Madrigal's website, the stunt was meant to protest the lack of security online techno giants exercise with consumers' personal data.

It wasn't Uncle Pennybags' first visit to Washington. He was among the spectators at the Senate's Equifax hearings last year.

Here's a few photos shared on Twitter: