Woman struggling to change flat car tire on countryside road


High School Creates 'Adulting Day' to Teach Kids How to Cook, Pay Bills, Change Tires

Do you think every high school needs a day like this?

December 18, 2018 - 9:16 am

Students at Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, KY got a taste of the real world when the school hosted its first official 'Adulting Day'.

Instead of algebra and gym class, students were taught real-life skills like how to pay bills, change a tire, and cook for themselves.  Other workshops included lessons about credit cards and a talk from police on how to behave during a traffic stop.

A school official said she got the idea from a Facebook post that said kids 'needed a class in high school about taxes and cooking'.

- Here were some of the "adulting" acitivies they learned about: 

- How to Effectively Live Paycheck to Paycheck

- Pills: Don’t Do Them Recreationally!

- Domicile Decorating for Straight Men

- If You Aren’t Going to Cook Anything Real At Least Buy a Rotisserie Chicken and Not Just Frozen Pizzas and Mac ‘n Cheese

- Condoms: You’re Too Poor to Not Use Them

- How to Prioritize Paychecks Over Pride