House for Sale, Fully Furnished with 'Adult Entertainment' Room

Would you be upset too if you knew something like this was in your neighborhood?

February 09, 2019 - 11:15 am

A large, beautiful, 5-bedroom, 2.5 bath, brick home in the Philly suburbs checks all the boxes - well, maybe too many boxes. 

The home features tall ceilings, fireplace, and is fully furnished with an entertainment room - an "adult entertainment" room. 

The home, with a fully furnished "sex room" in the basement is listed for $750,000.

And if you aren't interested in buying it, pleasure seekers, can rent it on AirBnB.

While the listing has received plenty of attention, some Maple Glen residents aren't happy. The photos of the "adult entertainment" room has since been taken off the listing on Redfin.com.

Buzzfeed reports one, less than enthusiastic, neighbor shouted at a realtor saying, "People are all over the neighborhood and they’re all saying they’re here to see the sex house!"