IL Governor JB Pritzker laughs at Southern Illinoisans wanting regional opening

An open letter from Annie Frey and Southern Illinoisans to JB Pritzker

The Annie Frey Show
April 24, 2020 - 9:29 am
JB Prirtzker Smiling © Press Association.jpg

JB Prirtzker Smiling © Press Association.jpg


Looking at a map of Illinois' 102 counties showcasing coronavirus infections and deaths by county is a pretty good reflection of the distribution of population in the state. Comparably so, a political map will reflect the same displacement of people.

Southern Illinoisans have been asking the governor to consider a regional opening that would allow counties to get back to business where there are little, and even zero coronavirus cases. Southern Illinoisans understand the severity of what is in front of us, but they also are living the severity of the economic crisis in front of us.

Because the economic crisis is in full force, businesses are being closed down, and owners know they may never reopen. Workers can't make paychecks, and they're told just to wait for the government to fill the gap (even while the fat cats are first in line soaking up all the relief).

Seemingly arbitrary decisions on what is essential and who is essential fall from Chicago. Seriously, my dog can get a hair cut but I can't? I'm about to send my husband to my Australian Shepherd's groomer. And mind you, the capital of this state is actually Springfield, but the governor doesn't seem to know that. Does he know the state even goes south past Springfield?

Tell the out-of-work, taxpaying Illinoisans that they aren't essential. I'm pretty sure that the paycheck, no matter how big or small, is essential to that taxpayer to pay rent and mortgages, electric bills, grocery bills, to fill gas tanks, to pay for daycare.

JOBS are essential, governor.

To rephrase--in language that may be easier for JB Pritzker and the super-majority of Democrats who have run this state into a fiscal hell-hole--jobs are essential to collect taxes. So get going.

Acknowledge that in Southern Illinois, we are different than Cook County and the collar counties. We respect the crisis in Cook County. We pray for the people in Cook County. We want to do our part to win this fight together.

But we can't do it while we all stay out of work. And we're not the type that's willing to sacrifice our well-being, our livelihood, and the businesses that we've built with our own blood, sweat, and tears. Our bodies, our choice, no?

This is incredibly risky in a state so punitive to small business and taxpayers, that if this thing causes these businesses to go under, they aren't coming back to Illinois. With every taxpayer that flees, the burden on the rest of us grows, and grows, and grows.

Please hear us. We want to be safe, we can respect the situation at hand, and we can go to work.