Illinois local creates fashionable and comfortable scarf/masks

Check out Save the Girls in the link below!

The Annie Frey Show
June 18, 2020 - 3:33 pm

I like sharing things with you that I enjoy and if you're like me, you're trying to figure out this mask thing. Of course, different places have different requirements regarding face coverings. So I think it's important to find something that is comfortable, sufficient, and suitable.

A friend of mine here in the metro-east has a fashion business that she established to benefit women on the go. Initially, Save the Girls created a purse product that has a very convenient pocket with a touch screen sensitive window that allows you to easily use your phone safely secured in the purse. While this prevents inevitable drops, it also is a great way to keep your phone and the germs it often carries away from your face and hands.

Adding to her famous purses, even featured on Howie Mandel's tv show where he showcases products he loves, Tammy created a scarf/mask that I am loving wearing. They're fashionable. They're comfortable. And they're easy to wear both as a mask and converted as a scarf. I find these to be significantly less hot and uncomfortable to wear and I wanted to pass along the suggestion to you!

Thank you to Save the Girls for sending me some samples. You can pick up a variety of patterns for just $14.99.