Dogs in the snow


How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Polar Vortex

Just like humans, pets will begin to shiver if they're too cold

January 30, 2019 - 9:58 am

With below-zero temperatures across much of the St. Louis area, it's important that we not just keep ourselves warm, but our furry friends as well.

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Experts say pets need to stay indoors and should only go outside for the minimum time necessary to take care of their 'business'.  Don't leave your pet alone in the car, either.

Remember that just like with humans, pets will begin to shiver if they're too cold.

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If possible, bundle up your pooch in a sweater or coat before going outside, and wipe down their legs and belly afterwards to remove any snow, ice, or salt.  

One more thing - stray cats like to seek out cars for warmth.  So honk the horn or bang on the hood to scare them off before you turn on the engine.