Dr. Scott Hardeman: ‘There hasn’t been a tremendous amount of evidence yet that kids are the vectors of this’

Physician at Urgent Specialists Dr. Scott Hardeman said we have not seen evidence pointing to kids being the ones contracting and spreading the virus. It’s been primarily adults.

The Annie Frey Show
July 13, 2020 - 4:36 pm

“We really haven’t had that big of a spike,” Dr. Scott Hardeman said on situations happening in Missouri and Illinois.

Hardeman said a more targeted approach would have been more prudent, however, following New York and putting a blanket shut down throughout the country was what we thought was correct in the beginning when we did not know better.

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Many people are a-symptomatic so this virus messes with your brain and your mentality. You might think you have a cold or a small cough and really, it’s COVID-19.

“One of the tricky parts of this illness is the long incubation period,” he said.

Who gets the information if you were to test positive? Where does the information go?

“Depending on the test location of where you go, the degree of information is compiled ahead of time,” he said. “You will be providing some information” but most of it is up to you to tell the people you have been around, Dr. Hardeman said.