No More 'DL' in MLB: Baseball Changing its Lingo From 'Disabled' to 'Injured'

Everyday baseball jargon will change this season, with MLB no longer using the term "disabled" to describe players on the mend

February 07, 2019 - 6:10 pm

A term baseball has used since 1966 is being done away with in Major League Baseball. What has been known as the "disabled list" for more than five decades, will from now on be referred to as the "injured list." 

MLB says it's concerned the term "disabled" can confuse a player's injury with the "inability to participate in sports."


"Major League Baseball will rename the disabled list as the "injured list," a source familiar with the plan told ESPN.

The league will make the change out of concern that the term "disabled" for injured players falsely conflates disabilities with injuries and an inability to participate in sports."

You'll likely be hearing a little more about the injury list before the 2019 season begins, as there's rumors of the league going back to a 15-day minimum stay on the IL for players, instead of 10-days as it has been since 2016.