Missouri Attorney General on the McCloskeys: ‘If you are threatened on your own property you have the ability to defend yourself in Missouri’

The Missouri couple who was defending their property during the protests had to give up their weapons and comply with a police search in their home.

The Annie Frey Show
July 13, 2020 - 4:10 pm

The McCloskeys, the infamous couple who were defending their home in St. Louis, had to give over their firearms and were served a search warrant.

“Missouri castle’s doctrine is very important for Missourians to understand,” Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt said.

The real story to watch is Kim Gardner, he added. “She has an abysmal record.”

How is it that this couple who were defending themselves and their property legally had to comply with a search warrant?

“I can only believe that this is part of Kim Gardner wanting to build a case,” he said skeptically. Although he did say, he did not want to speculate.

It looks like this is selectively applied law from Gardner. Schmitt said a long time ago he offered Gardner an olive branch to work together to work on the crime in St. Louis. She did not get back to his office.