Cross mounted along the beach


The Mystery of a Cross Washing Up on a Florida Beach Has Been Solved

People were lining up for days to takes photos with the cross covered in barnacles

February 08, 2019 - 11:57 am

Ever since a giant, barnacle-covered wooden cross washed up on a Florida beach last weekend, speculations as to its origin and meaning have inundated the Internet. Was it a divine message from Heaven? A sign of an impending apocalypse? As it turns out, the explanation is far less divine than all that.

After reading about the mysterious Ft. Lauderdale flotsam in the Miami Herald, Robin Stowe contacted the paper Wednesday to say she recognized the 20-foot wide cross.

Stowe says after her brother disappeared while hunting on an island off North Carolina in 2016, friends traveled to the location and erected the cross in his memory. She speculates it was washed out to sea by Hurricane Michael in October.