Tragic accident results in Illinois teen's memory being erased every 2 hours

She suffered a kick in the head, and now she's struggling to remember.

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September 12, 2019 - 4:55 pm
brain scan

(KFTK) — On June 11, Riley Horner of Kirkwood, Ill. was attending an event centered on agricultural education, when suddenly she was kicked in the head by a student who was crowd surfing, according to WQAD. 

Now, she is only able to remember up to two hours of previous events before her memory is wiped clean and she has to recall previous occurrences through diligent note-taking and photos on her phone.

When Riley was initially sent to the hospital, they told her she was simply experiencing a concussion and was sent home with crutches.

Since then, Riley has suffered several seizures and made multiple visits to the hospital.

"They tell us there's nothing medically wrong," her mother Sarah said in an interview with WQAD. "They can't see anything. You can't see a concussion though on an MRI or a CT scan. There's no brain bleed, there's no tumor."

As if being a middle schooler wasn't already hard enough, Riley now has to take extensive notes while at school to help her navigate around her classwork, and frequently takes pictures on her phone so she can see what she has been up to before the two-hour window.

"I'm not making memories, and I'm just like really scared," said Riley.

Her parents are determined to find the source of what's causing her severe memory loss because Sarah said research shows that after six months temporary memory loss can become irreversible.

"We need help," Sarah begged. "We need somebody that knows a little bit more because she deserves better. I mean she wanted to be in the medical field and now she can’t even hold a job if she wanted to."

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