Missouri's first elk hunting season in modern history coming this fall

MDC will require a $10 application fee for those applying for the general permits.

Sam Masterson
April 08, 2020 - 3:11 pm

(KFTK) -  The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) announced the state's first elk-hunting season in modern history will start this fall.

Only five permits will be given out for hunting bull elk this year, including four general permits for the public and one permit reserved for qualifying area landowners.

MDC has designated a nine-day archery portion running Oct. 17-25 and a nine-day firearms portion running Dec. 12-20. The five permits will be for bull elk and will be valid for both portions. All permits will be assigned through a random-lottery drawing.

MDC will limit the random lottery to one application per-person, per-year with a 10-year “sit-out” period for those drawn for a general permit before they may apply again. General permits can be used in Carter, Reynolds, and Shannon counties, except the refuge portion of Peck Ranch Conservation Area. Like the landowner permit, general permits are nontransferable.

The hunt was approved at the April 8 meeting and will be Missouri’s first elk hunt in more than a century. 

“The timing of the season was designed to come after the peak of elk breeding during late September and early October and to avoid the elk season coinciding with portions of the firearms deer season,” explained MDC Elk and Deer Biologist Aaron Hildreth.

MDC will require a $10 application fee for those applying for the general permits. Qualifying landowners will not be required to pay the $10 application fee when applying for the landowner permit. Those selected for each of the five permits must pay a $50 permit fee.

To apply and learn more about the hunt on the MDC's website, click here.

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