POLICE: Man shot by officer near Galleria had weapon raised

Terry Tillman was reportedly carrying a handgun with an extended magazine filled with 25 rounds.

Digital Content Producer
September 04, 2019 - 7:57 am

CLAYTON (KFTK) - St. Louis County police say the man shot by a Richmond Heights officer near the Galleria over the weekend had his weapon raised.

"He discharged his firearm and he struck [Terry] Tillman in the torso," said St. Louis County police spokesman Benjamin Granda. "At that point in time, Mr. Tillman fell to the ground and that weapon was taken from him."

Terry Tillman was inside the Galleria Saturday with a handgun "protruding from his waistband," Granda says the gun had an extended magazine with 25 rounds inside. Guns aren't allowed on mall property, and police say officers tried to contact Tillman to tell him, that's when he ran.

A uniformed Richmond Heights officer and an Overland officer, who was off duty but working a second job as a Galleria security officer, chased Tillman to a bank across the street on Clayton Rd. Granda says the shooting happened in a small parking structure on the property in Clayton.

Approximately seven shots were fired, Granda said 3-5 struck Tillman.

"That is another big point of misinformation that has spread -- there were no injuries or wounds to the back of Mr. Tillman," Granda said.

Granda said security footage from hundreds of cameras -- from inside the mall and surrounding businesses -- still needs to be reviewed and they still need to talk to witnesses.

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