Police officer suspended for handing illegal immigrant over to ICE

The illegal immigrant was wanted by ICE for failing to appear to a deportation hearing.

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October 02, 2019 - 12:13 pm

John Moore/Getty Images


(KFTK) — A Virginia police officer has been suspended after allegedly handing an undocumented immigrant over to ICE.

Authorities say the officer, who has not been identified, detained the suspect after a traffic accident Saturday, Sept. 21, and received notification from ICE officials that the driver was wanted for an administrative violation warrant on file for the failure to appear for a deportation hearing.

The Fairfax County Police Chief issued a statement Tuesday regarding the incident.

"We do not enforce nor detain for administrative warrants and we have no authority to enforce federal law," the statement explained.

"Our police officer violated our longstanding policy and deprived a person of their freedom, which is unacceptable," Chief Edwin Roessler wrote. "We have been informed by ICE that the driver was released after three hours and issued an ankle monitor. When I learned of this event, I directed an immediate internal investigation to look at all factors in this matter to ensure that all are held accountable for this violation."

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