'You ever need anything I will come running to ya': Missouri officer wants to thank young man for act of kindness

The officer says he wants the young man to contact the police department so he can buy dinner as a thank you.

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August 29, 2019 - 4:44 pm

(Independence Police Department)


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (KFTK) - The actions of a young man have sparked somewhat of a manhunt by the Independence Police Department. But this time they're not looking to arrest anyone, it's because one officer wants to buy that man dinner. 

It was pouring down rain over the weekend as Officer Joe Holt was in the parking lot of a Hy-Vee in Independence. According to a Facebook post by the department, he witnessed a young black male shield an elderly white woman from the rain "the best he could all the way to her car."

Then, the officer went up to the vehicle that the young man's mom was driving and explained how she "has done amazing with him and I hope and pray he goes places." The post says the mother began to cry tears of joy "because I was a cop and took time out of my day to call him out on what I witnessed.

"This kid cared less about race, religion or color. The only thing this kid cared about was being kind," the post read. "Kiddo If you see me on the street again this guy owes ya a dinner. You ever need anything I will come running to ya."

Holt told a local TV station that he is completely serious about buying him dinner.

"He's the hero. I'm just the photographer in this situation," Holt told Fox4. "So it's wherever he wants to go. It's on my dime. So he can pick."

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