President's campaign says these stats show a 'clear indication' Trump will win re-election

Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager says "there is no politician in America who is capable of uniting voters like this president."

Digital Content Producer
January 29, 2020 - 1:19 pm

(KFTK) - Data was shared on social media by Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, which shows a high number of people who historically don't vote Republican, or don't vote at all, are now supporting Trump. 

Parscale sites multiple studies the campaign has conducted during its jam-packed Trump rallies – like Tuesday's in New Jersey: 

Parscale explains, "Out of more than 20,000 identified voters who came to a recent Trump rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 57.9 percent did not have a history of voting for Republicans. Remarkably, 4,413 attendees didn’t even vote in the last election — a clear indication that President Trump is energizing Americans who were previously not engaged in politics."

He says similar numbers came from rallies in Ohio, Michigan and Pennnsylvania. 

You can read the full op-ed on, here.

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