Trump still drawing massive, 'record-setting' crowds, inside and outside of rallies

Selling out stadiums with thousands watching outside, President Trump still drawing massive, "record-setting" crowds.

Eric Sykes
October 18, 2019 - 2:03 pm
Trump rally crowds continue to sell out stadiums and crowds outside.


DALLAS (KFTK) - President Trump's raucous rallies are just as popular, if not more so than his 2016 campaign rallies. 

Last night, President Trump filled the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas with 18,500 supporters. 

Officials say an overflow crowd of about 5,000 people were outside the venue as well.

In contrast, Beto O'Rourke's "Rally Against Fear" held just 15 miles away at the same time had 5,532 people attend — roughly the same number of people who were just outside of Trump's rally.

O'Rourke's rally also had the balcony of the theatre closed off.

Just last week, President Trump claims he broke an attendance record at one of his rallies in Minneapolis. 

“So we have 20,000-plus inside. We set a new record. And we have 25,000 people we still love outside. And close to 100,000 people wanted to come tonight,” President Trump said last week in Minneapolis. 

It's unclear when the president's next rally will be as none are listed on his website at the time of this publication.

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