Trump to have 'medical evaluation' by Fox News doctor on TV

Rebekah Sager
October 09, 2020 - 11:38 am

Fox News announced that President Donald Trump will appear on Tucker Carlson's show Friday, according to Business Insider. It will be the first interview the president has conducted since his COVID-19 diagnosis.

According to Fox, Dr. Marc Siegel will "conduct a medical evaluation" live during the show.

Trump's doctor gave the president a go-ahead to return to public speaking as soon as Saturday.

"Since returning home, his physical exam has remained stable and devoid of any indications to suggest progression of illness," Dr. Conley wrote in the memo. "Overall he's responded extremely well to treatment, without evidence on examination of adverse therapeutic effects."

Siegel, an associate professor of medicine at the NYU Langone Medical Center, is best known for his controversial statements that hydroxychloroquine is a cure for coronavirus and in March, according to Media Matters, Siegel claimed the virus was no more lethal than the common flu.

Under CDC guidelines, Trump should be quarantined for at least two-weeks. He, and the First Lady tested positive for the virus seven days ago.

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