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Right Now is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Truck for a Vet

November 26, 2018 - 11:47 am

By Phil Briggs, Connecting Vets via Radio.com

As veterans start holiday shopping for gifts to put under the Christmas tree, it may actually be the best time of year to get a gift that is best used for hauling the tree home- a new car or truck.

“The 2018’s that haven’t sold have to be moved off the lots,” explained James Spears, Assistant Vice President, USAA Auto Experience. “And as dealerships are forced lower prices on their outdated inventory it creates the best opportunity of the year for buyers.”

According to the USAA holidays elves (and their 2018 member survey), the most popular vehicles among veteran and active duty policyholders are trucks. “Trucks rule the day,” explained Spears. In fact, the top 3 vehicles owned by the veteran and active duty policyholders are all trucks. For members from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard the top 3 vehicles are:

Ford F-150

Chevy Silverado

Dodge Ram

The only exception was the Marine Corps, who reported higher ownership of the Dodge Ram.   (This seems logical as the mascot of the Navy is Bill the Goat.  As a goat is a distant relative of a ram, Marines would naturally prefer the ram, as they are also a relative of the Department of the Navy. Right?)

In addition to new trucks being marked down Spears described why it’s a good time to consider a certified pre-owned vehicle, “Dealers have a lot of vehicles coming off lease … as the off-lease vehicles are converted to pre-owned it’s a great way of getting 1-2 year old vehicle with limited miles, manufacturer warranties and relatively the same technology as newer vehicles at a seriously discounted price.”

Spears also described how USAA members receive additional savings. “Ford may have an incentive that’s out there for a US Army veteran or active … we can stack those with our other discounts for the veteran and really get that price down ... We have a unique advantage in that we can help our members know the total cost of ownership.  We can provide the loan, the insurance and factor in the cost of maintenance. “

These “stackable” discounts can be factored together and according to Spears, “You can print a certificate and go to the dealer and you’ll have the best negotiation power,” Spears said.

Once all discounts and costs are applied, USAA recommends that transportation costs are within 15-16 percent of your overall income.

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