Salute To Service: Daniel Bruzzini

September 26, 2018 - 2:43 pm

Daniel Bruzzini is a second generation son whose family achieved the American Dream. To show his appreciation by serving in the military and to serve others as a physician, he attended the Uniformed Services University military medical school.  

His first tour as an Air Force physician was caring for and deploying with fighter pilots to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman.  The lure of helping families care for the greatest gift God gives a family, their baby, got Daniel out of the cockpit and into a Neonatology fellowship at Saint Louis Children's whose training helped him care for critically ill and premature babies of military families in Germany and Japan and safely air evac over 50 of them across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  

After a humanitarian mission to train Afghan obstetricians, nurses, and pediatricians included the healthy delivery of the president of Afghanistan's son, Daniel returned to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital and developed a comprehensive pediatric critical care program to prepare military healthcare personnel for the needs of children affected by war, natural disasters, and humanitarian crises. Daniel says the US military is the only military preparing for the critical care needs of children.

"God bless America and the 25 years I served," he said.