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Blues GM scolded the Boston Zamboni crew because the ice wasn't ready for practice

There were multiple reports from the TD Garden that Doug Armstrong told the crew to "Do your f------b jobs."

June 11, 2019 - 4:06 pm

BOSTON (KTFK) - The tension is clearly high in Boston, as Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final approaches. St. Louis general manager Doug Armstrong reportedly yelled at the Zamboni Crew in the TD Garden on Tuesday morning because the ice wasn’t ready for Blues practice. 

According to multiple media members who were present, Armstrong shouted, "Let's get the ice ready. Do your f------ job."

To which one of the drivers said, "You could be a little bit nicer about it. Who pissed in your cereal?"

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Armstrong reportedly came back to apologize to the ice crew.

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The possibility of bringing home the Stanley Cup to a city that's never had such an incredible opportunity is bound to make anyone a little more "on edge" than usual.

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