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Cards, Cubs get more hate on Twitter than almost every other MLB team

The overwhelming most-hated team is the New York Yankees, according to a report from a sports betting website

July 08, 2019 - 3:24 pm

(KFTK) - It's not surprising that a franchise with the second-most World Series Championships in MLB history – the St. Louis Cardinals – are among the most-hated baseball teams in the League. A new report says there are four states that hate the Cards more than any other MLB team. 

Online betting website casinoinsider.com created a map of the U.S. that shows the most-hated baseball team in each state, determined by "Geotagged Twitter Data During The 2019 Season."

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So, every tweet that said something similar to "I hate [insert team>" or "[inset team> is the worst" it was counted towards the total hatred of that team. The most-hated team overwhelmingly was the New York Yankees with 28 total states hating them the most. 

St. Louis was tied for fourth, with the New York Mets, as each were the envy of four states. Alabama, Mississippi, Illinois and Michigan have the most hate for the Cardinals, according to the report.

The most-hated team of Missouri was the Chicago Cub, who were No. 2 overall with a total of eight states.

Here's the full 50-state breakdown:

Yankees - 28 states

Cubs - 8 states

Dodgers - 5 states

Cardinals - 4 states

Mets - 4 states

Red Sox - 1 state


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