County Prosecutor declares he won't be 'bogged down' by hundreds of dollars of unpaid parking tickets

Between April 4 and June 18, Bell reportedly racked up nearly $800 worth of unpaid parking violations

July 17, 2019 - 12:08 pm

ST. LOUIS (KFTK) - Is it fair for the St. Louis County Prosecutor to ignore hundreds of dollars worth of unpaid parking tickets, which he acquired in government-issued vehicle? That's the argument happening in the public after reports of Wesley Bell's outstanding bill with St. Louis County.

Between April 4 and June 18, Bell racked up nearly $800 worth of unpaid parking violations, according to KSDK. Bell says he "will not be bogged down by parking issues."

Bell responded to the reports saying, "This parking practice has been ongoing for years and continues to this day, not only by this office and the previous prosecutor’s administration, but also by many other county agencies. Upon entering office, we were informed of the rules and we have followed those rules."

Bell's Chief of Staff Sam Alton responded to the report, saying said they need the closest parking spots because of how often they are in and our of their offices at the justice center.

"To have to walk all the way over there (to the other garage) and walk all the way back, it doesn't sound tedious, but I promise you it is tedious especially if you need to get somewhere fast," Alton told KSDK.

KSDK reported that Clayton Police have decided to temporarily stop ticketing Bell and other senior staffers, along as they are not blocking fire hydrants or crosswalks. 

A hearing has been scheduled to discuss the parking ticket problem in August. 

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