Jury rules against father, allows mother to transition son to a girl

He wanted a girl toy from McDonald's and liked the characters in Disney's 'Frozen.'

Eric Sykes
October 22, 2019 - 11:17 am
Texas Jury rules against father fighting his sons gender transition


TEXAS (KFTK) - A Texas jury decided to give sole custody of a 7-year-old boy to his mother, who says he is transgender.

The father, Jeff Younger, says that his son identifies with his biological sex, a boy. The mother, Dr. Anne Georfulas, says that James is a girl and she calls him Luna.

According to The Texan, Younger and Georgulas requested male children through in-vitro fertilization and had twin boys in 2012.

After requesting a girls' toy from McDonald's, Georgulas sought counseling from Rebekka Ouer who recommended a process of "affirmation" and said that a "social transition" for James to go to school dressed as a girl and using the name Luna would be in his best interest. 

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