The Durham investigative team has expanded as more answers are revealed in the Russia probe

Hans von Spakovsky explained why Durham needed a larger team for his investigation.

The Annie Frey Show
April 23, 2020 - 3:48 pm

Senior legal fellow Hans von Spakovsky said the Durham investigated team has expanded to include more FBI agents and lawyers.

"I have no doubt that because they keep getting more and more information showing that there was real wrongdoing he is getting more people to help him investigate it," he said.

We are as interested in the things that haven't been ruled out yet as we are in the things that have been shown to us.

There is a potential massive scheme that happened behind closes doors that we haven't uncovered in this investigation.

Spakovsky told us that Durham is looking at James Clapper and John Brennan to see if they politized the intelligence assessment.