A crowd estimated at over 850 wait to enter the El Paso Coliseum on Monday afternoon as they wait to hear President Donald Trump.

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Thousands of Trump supporters line up to see the president in El Paso

75,000 requested tickets for 8,000 seat arena, president Trump says.

February 11, 2019 - 5:45 pm

EL PASO, TX (FM Newstalk 97.1) - President Donald Trump will be in El Paso, Texas later tonight where thousands have already lined up to see him in person.

Trump said he will give a "Big speeh on border security" in El Paso, a neighboring town to Mexico.

Just 1,000 feet away from where President Trump will make his speech, a successful border fence divides El Paso from Mexico. 

Trump told reporters that 75,000 people had signed up to see him tonight but the arena only holds 8,000.

Reporters at the arena have been on social media all day sharing images of just how large the crowd is.


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