Tyrus: ‘Politics have become our new religion and we are forgetting we are attacking fellow Americans’

It seems like people are putting politics above everything else going on in their life now more than ever.

The Annie Frey Show
October 01, 2020 - 4:10 pm

Politics is more divisive than it has ever been. Lots of folks on social media are ready to give up family members and friends for their difference of opinion.

Why has society started to put politics above all?

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Tyrus, Annie, and Ryan discuss how dangerous disagreements and debate has become in the world right now.

"I think we all saw that and it was a wakeup call like damn, that's what my house looks like. That's like Thanksgiving. We are just as guilty as they are because we personify that,” Tyrus said about the arguing and interrupting during the debate Tuesday night.