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State senator receives about 1,700 decks of cards after negative comment about nurses

A petition is circulating online that calls for Walsh to shadow a nurse during a 12-hour shift.

April 25, 2019 - 10:03 am

(KFTK/AP) - A Washington State Senator may have plenty of free time of her own after the next election cycle, after she made comments about some nurses' daily activities. 

Sen. Maureen Walsh received roughly 1,700 packs of playing cards after she said nurses "probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day".

A Washington State Nurses Association blog about the comments drew so many readers Friday that the site crashed. The group called the comment disrespectful and patronizing.

The hashtags #maureenwalsh and #nursesplaycards went viral on social media. Comedian Kathy Griffin joined the fray Friday, tweeting that her mother worked in a hospital.

Walsh has since apologized for the comments she made while discussing a bill regarding uninterrupted breaks and overtime for health care workers.

"I know nurses who care for babies who were born with their spines on the outside of their bodies and brains that won't stop bleeding," a Facebook post read. "I know nurses who hold infants that can't stop crying because they were born addicted to heroin and methamphetamines."

A petition is circulating online, now signed by 750,000 people, that calls for Walsh to shadow a nurse during a 12-hour shift.

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