Watch Police Officer Rescue Scared Chicken From Shed Fire

November 27, 2018 - 3:09 pm

WCBS 880 -- A police officer in Ossining has become a hero to a chicken.

The chicken was in danger of becoming a roaster after a shed caught fire on Saturday. 

Body cam footage released by the Ossining Police Department shows Officer Patrick McGovern removing some propane tanks from the shed and then discovering the chicken, which he scooped up and carried to safety.

On its Facebook page, the police department wrote, "Somewhere around the first day of field training some salty cop usually hits you with, 'Kid, you wouldn't believe what goes on around here if I told you.'''

It seems McGovern now has his own story to tell.

"Congratulations, Officer McGovern. Since the 'Lifesaving Award' doesn’t specifically prohibit the subject of your bravery from being poultry, we will put you in for an award because, well, this is a story that’s too good to let go of," the department wrote.