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6-26-18 Primary Recap

Rachel Sutherland, Fox News Radio

The Annie Frey Show
June 27, 2018 - 2:50 pm

AF: Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio is joining us now to give us a little bit of an update. A lot of big names in the primaries yesterday, Mitt Romney, uh, Chelsea Manning, and now we have Alexandria, uh, Ocasio-Cortez which is a name most of us weren't familiar with...

TC: ...Chelsea Manning...

AF: ...but we are now learning. Yeah. So, Rachel, thank you for joining us and tell us, tell us what happened yesterday.

RS: Hey Annie, yeah, it was really a stunning upset in New York's 14th, uh, district. It was not expected that Joe Crowley, who has served 10 terms as a democrat, uh, has been toppled...

AF: ...Yeah...

RS: ...by this young woman, she's 28 years old, I heard she's still paying off her student loans, and if you saw her face last night, she looked just as shocked as anyone else that she had won.

AF: Mmm-hmm

RS: And it-it looks like because this is such a liberal district that she'll just be moving forward and probably seated in January, and people are wondering well, what-what happened here? Especially Crowley the most himself, and it just seems like she had a really good ground game, she was knocking on doors, combined with low voter turn out and probably Crowley's rather, you know, complacent attitude toward everything.

AF: Yeah, it-it-it was, it's really something to see, and I think definetly in the land of, that we live in now of social media, it kind of changes the game, I think when it comes to dollars that you have in your coffers and being able to reach people. Younger people do sometimes have that upper-hand when it comes to utilizing social media that-that is there for them that doesn't end up costing them anything. What about races that, the Chelsea Manning and the Mitt Romney those were high profile races as well.

RS: Yeah, Chelsea Manning was taking on Ben Cardin, a democratic Senator, uh, from Maryland. He is also another long term Senator, but he held on to his seat, uh. Look, I mean Maryland is probably not going to go for, uh, they might have gone for Chelsea Manning, um but definetly a unique candidate and somebody who might be a bit controversal given the background of leaking and so on. 

AF: Mmm-hmm

RS: Over, uh, Mitt Romney, not such a huge surprise, he did win his primary in Utah and will probably be seated another one in January because Utah is a red state. Now, he ran an intersting campaign. He ran the most low-profile, high-profile campaign I've ever seen.he really kept his head down because he has been critical of Donald Trump, and you know what happens when you're critical of the President. You lose and election.

AF: Mmm-hmm

RS: So, he was almost a sleeper candidate in that no one seemed to realize Mitt Romney was running. You couldn't even find, uh, I haven't seen him on Fox News Channel or hardly on any of the channels the entire time. So, he'll go to Washington and let's just see, you know, what-what his demeanour be like, what will his relationship be like with the President and other members of the Senate, so it'll be interesting to see.

AF: Yeah, for sure, speaking of the relationship with the President, supporting him vs. not supporting him. What about Henry McMaster in South Carolina who is running in the Governor Primary. President Trump leant him quite a bit of support with that rally they had earlier this week.

RS: That's right. He went to Columbia, South Carolina and rallied for McMaster and then McMaster did win that run-off election and, uh, it just shows again the power of the President when it comes to politics and how much influence he's having. Also, in New York, Dan Donovan, beat Michael Grimm for Staten Island Congressional district there. They're both Trump supporters, but President Trump went for Dan Donovan. I'm sure it didn't help, uh, Michael Grimm that he had the, the conviction on, on tax evasion, and remember he was the one, about 4 years ago, former Congressman who threatened to throw a reporter over the balcony at the U.S. Capitol. So, you, you, you think that that maybe would have won President Trump's support, but in this case it went to Dan Donovan, and he won.

AF: Rachel Sutherland, Fox News Radio, thank you for that update, we're going to follow the primaries as they move along.