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Andrew Pollack reminisces about his daughter Meadow Pollack

The Annie Frey Show
September 18, 2018 - 4:22 pm

Meadow Pollack was a victim in the Parkland school shooting that happened earlier this year.

Her father, Andrew Pollack, and Annie talk about Meadow’s bubbly personality and her courage.

“She was the toughest one of my kids,” Pollack said.

Despite the uproar to ban guns after this tragedy, Andrew Pollack says it is not the guns fault, rather the person that pointed it and the people who knew Nikolas Cruz was a threat and did nothing about it.

Also, they discuss the Pollack Plan. This eight-point proposal is to help with school safety. 

Read more about the proposal here: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-florida-school-shooting-andrew-pollack-plan-20180627-story.html

Listen to the interview below:

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