The Annie Frey Show 1-04-19

The Annie Frey Show
January 04, 2019 - 12:18 pm

Annie's Stream of Consciousness 1-04-19

*Keep in mind this was written via voice to text while getting coffee, helping the kids out, and making breakfast so there may be grammatical errors.*#DamnAutoCorrect #WorkingMomLife

The Genesis of Political Tribalism: 

* "Some people are wondering how we got to be this divided in this country. I might have at least one small explanation for it. We live in information overload, we have the internet, we have 24/7 news, we can know whatever we want when we want. As that developed, politicians have had to become more sensational in order to get their message across. They had to say things that would grab headlines just a front center. And the news media outlets had to continually level up in the watch-ability column in order to keep American eyeballs and interest. Then social media happens and everybody's an expert and nobody has the resume. So maybe this tribalism comes from decades of one-upping on air, online, and in our newfound social exchanges."

Today's Lineup:

1:26pm- Steven Rogers

2:07pm- Tim Jones