Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has to take McCaskill's seat

Attack ads have been made towards Josh Hawley claiming he is not for coverage of pre-existing conditions...Wrong!

The Annie Frey Show
October 10, 2018 - 3:05 pm

Hawley explains why he is for coverage and for protecting folks with preexisting conditions. Hawley says McCaskill’s agenda is radical and that it is not for the residents of Missouri.

“These lifelong politicians like McCaskill think they can say one thing in private and then another thing in public,” Hawley said. “We’re not going to let her get by with this.”

The AG said the Democrats are not listening to the people of Missouri and that is what we are fighting for. Hawley said he has been stopped all over the great state by residents who can’t believe what the Dems put Kavanaugh through.

Hawley is actually on a bus tour with the Missouri Farm Bureau. President of the Missouri Farm Bureau Blake Hurst told Annie why it is so important for Josh Hawley to win this Senate race for the agriculture business.

Listen to the interview below: