Annie & Husband Attend Blues Game Six Watch Party and WOW!

The Annie Frey Show
June 11, 2019 - 9:33 am

 It's not every day that a city sits on the brink of winning a national championship. And in St. Louis, there has never been a day in its history before when Blues fans enjoyed the position of being one win away from hoisting the Stanley Cup. 

That's why my husband and I couldn't resist going Downtown St. Louis to take in the festivities, the community, and the experience of the truly electric atmosphere. And it appears, tens of thousands of others couldn't resist that opportunity either. 

Immediately upon arrival, we realized that they had closed the gates and weren't allowing more people in due to the size of the crowds. After connecting with some workers from the station, we were let in by a security guard to begin documenting the experience and find a spot to watch the game.

The size of the crowd changed our plans a bit. Phone access was significantly limited due to the masses, so social media was no longer an option. We found ourselves perched up against some fencing around a portable light fixture and took the game in from that spot. For all three periods and two intermissions, we stood in the same place, simply because there was no room to go anywhere else.

Sadly, Game Six did not end the way we hoped. But it was clear to see that St. Louis is a city that loves this hockey team. And St. Louis showed up in a big way to make that clear to anyone who may have doubted its ability to passionately support the hometown team. I'm looking at you, Kroenke. 

Well done, St. Louis. Game Seven Wednesday.

Watch our experience below.