Annie talks with IL House candidates looking to minimize Madigan's power over Illinois taxpayers

The Annie Frey Show
June 13, 2018 - 3:06 pm

Illinois is facing dire financial circumstances. Decades of fiscal irresponsibility, led by democrats, specifically Mike Madigan, have found Illinois in a place where taxpayers just can't afford it anymore. Many question what a democratic win for Illinois governor will do to the rest of the people still living in the state. That Prospect is much more frightening with a heavily controlled Democratic house lead by Mike Madigan. Regardless of who wins the top seat in the state, the real power continues to sit in the house with the Speaker. 

Many have voted with their feet and left already two neighboring red States or even farther. Often, Annie is asked if there's anything that can be done to help make Illinois a viable place for taxpayers to live. There is something. Mike Madigan's majority in the Illinois house is nine seats. In order for the state to revolt against Chicago's consolidated power in Mike Madigan, those nine seats are the key. So how do we get rid of that nine seat majority?

Two candidates in the St. Louis Metro East joined Annie in studio Wednesday to discuss their part in making Illinois a viable place to live once again for the burden taxpayer. 

Mike Babcock is running in Illinois' 111th State House district. He is challenging a Democrat incumbent. A Mike Babcock win in the 111th District would be one of those very important nine seats taxpayers need in the state of Illinois to diminish Mike Madigan's reign over the entire state. 

Also challenging a democratic incumbent is Dwight Kay in the 112th State House district. Dwight Kay previous held the seat in the 112th, but after a highly Madigan funded campaign in 2016 to unseat Dwight Kay, a Democrat replaced him in the house. Dwight Kay is looking to take that seat back on behalf of taxpayers, and would be the second seat needed to diminish Mike Madigan's power.

If you are in Illinois and you're looking for relief, here are two seats that are absolutely necessary to providing it. 


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