Another Pritzker deal catering to the wealthy and not the middle class

Mailee Smith: Illinois Policy Institute

The Annie Frey Show
June 19, 2019 - 2:40 pm

A leaked deal between Pritzker and Illinois' largest union, AFSCME Council 31, shows that the taxpayers and the lower-income workers aren’t catching the same break as the higher paid state workers.

Illinois Policy staff attorney Mailee Smith joined the show to explain the leaked information.

A quick overview from the Illinois Policy:


  • After pushing the General Assembly to pass a "fair" income tax amendment to help lower- and middle-class Illinoisans, AFSCME's new contract does exactly the opposite. Base salary increases are under a flat rate structure, which in this case, prioritizes high-paid workers over the middle- and low-paid members.
  • Example: a physician specialist in the Department of Human Services making $147,360 a year could see their salary increase by over $17,600, while a correctional officer in the Department of Corrections making just $48,432 a year could see just over a $5,800 raise over the same time.
  • Although the deal requires union members to contribute more to their health insurance plans, any taxpayer relief would be wiped out by proposed $2,500 stipends granted to each member.