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Audiences Respond To Conservative-Leaning Comedians/Shows

Tim Young- Author/Comedian

The Annie Frey Show
October 08, 2018 - 1:33 pm

Political comedian Tim Young is a straightforward conservative, and he sure is happy the Republican Party stepped up to the plate with Kavanaugh and didn’t bow down to the liberal agenda.

“We finally saw Republicans grow a set and fight back for once,” Young said about Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Young emphasizes that Americans will start to get very frustrated with the hypocrisy of the left and eventually we will start demanding background checks on sex offenders on the left.

He says it was obvious based on the success of the re-booted ABC version of Roseanne, that audiences reacted very well to that comedy. He says it would have been a top ratings-getter this year as well.

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