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Austin Petersen Talks SCOTUS Pick And Debating Claire McCakill

Austin Petersen, Republican Primary Senate Candidate

The Annie Frey Show
July 03, 2018 - 4:07 pm

AF: Austin Petersen in studio. Thanks for coming in. 

AP: Hey Annie, hey Tony, how you doing St. Louis?

TC: You don't know this yet that you are the first person to use that microphone. It's a brand new microphone.

AF: The good news is it's actually working. We were like well, we'll see

TC: It only sort of been tested. So the fact that we can hear you as a really good sign every

AP: Can you hear me Saint Louis? Hello, testing.

AF: So, President Trump gets yet another Supreme Court nomination and Claire McCaskill, boy, I don't know how she makes her decision on what to do here.

AP: She's got to go for it. She got to going. It's gotta happened in October. Claire's so smart. She knows what she's got to do to survive. She's a survivor, man. She, yesterday she was being interviewed and she was saying she was the underdog in this rate to buy her massive fundraising advantage. She was asked what she thought about her to Republican opponents and and true story about me and Josh Hawley and she goes, we'll I'm  the underdog in this race. I don't, I'm not discounting them they're two very smart articulate men. I was only offended because she forgot handsome.

AF: Maybe next time. Maybe we can get her in here.

AP: Josh vs. Austin who you want country boy or the ivy league

AF: I mean I'm watching how she is going to handle this and I think it's the worst thing that can happen to a lot of these red State Democrats that are going to face election. If they don't vote for president Trump's nominee, they're going to lose any moderates that

would be hard looking forward to having another nominee and President Trump's on the Supreme Court if they do vote for it there their they're alienating people either way.

AP: Yeah, I want to put, let's put aside our short term political interests and let's look at this long term, cuz that's what matters here. The future of the United States is at stake the future of the court. And I've looked at Donald Trump's short picks and there's there's pluses and minuses to each and every one of them. If I were the President of United States and I had that short list obviously, I would have had Judge Napolitano on there my buddy, but, but you know, Senator Mike Lee is a powerful conservative a strong defender of the Constitution, you know, yes, he's in the Senate so you would lose that vote. I acknowledge that to draw back. However, we would get another conservative from Utah I don't worry about that. But what I think is important is it is that Mike Lee would defend our freedom he would defend our rights. And for the rest of my life. I'm young. I want to see somebody in there who is a constitutional conservative the rest of my life. I heard Ted Cruz was actually the reason that he was put on there. That's a good sign it. That's one of us part of the, ya know,  one of us the tribe, you know Mike Lee he's one of us and I think it would be a huge stroke and I think it's any it was Gorsuch and with Mike Lee we're looking at shaping the court conservatively for decades. You know it's funny, Annie, Tony, some people call me a RINO but then Susan Collins is out there saying I won't vote for a judge unless they don't want overturn Roe vs. Wade. Come on guys. Like I got you just because I believe in a little more freedom than you do doesn't mean that I'm a RINO here. I know you're I'm a true conservative and I we need a good conservative pick. Mine is Mike Lee. 

TC: That's a good one. That's a good one.

AF: I don't know if you made the shortlist.

AP: The shorter short list of the short list

AF: He's on the 25

AP: Yeah he's on the 25. I don't know if he's on the shorter short list, but I'm holding out hope becaue you never know what could happen. As soon as the political games come in to play, you never know who they'll filibuster or try and stop, or try to filibuster becaue they can't do that anymore.

AF: You talk about it. Constitutionally conservative Court, what does that mean?

AP: It means two things. I think it means that the it's a basic understanding of the Constitution of the time that it was written, but also a broad understanding of what the end of the war of independence tomorrow Fourth of July the most American of holidays that we understood that it wasn't just us declaring our independence for a political order but an understanding that of the Declaration of the rights of man. Does it does your constitute a constitutional conservative someone who acknowledges the Rights of Man the Constitution expresses our rights it acknowledges our rights that are rights don't originate from the Constitution. That is constitutional original original isn't that the government cannot deny or disparage these rights that are intrinsic natural rights. That's what a constitutional conservative is to me.

AF: So I wanted to ask you also about Immigration. Yeah, I'm asking I'm going there. I see people getting a little up up in arms about your comments and positions when it comes to immigration open borders blah blah blah blah blah. You tell me where do you stand?

AP: So, I think that we should have the  power to control our borders. The problem of course is that we that we have had bad immigration laws written since the late 1800's started writing it we didn't the founding fathers only give the feds power of a naturalization. So how you would become an American citizen not how you would get here. So, we kind of had mass migration for quite some time here in the United States. Illegal immigration is a relatively new concept and we have some court precedents that have been set that are problematic. We don't know if you're born here. If you're born here that makes you an American citizen or if your parents exclusively are what make you an American citizen. That has been defined by the courts yet. So we do have a little bit of legal trouble  Abraham Lincoln you know, this is the time when the anti-immigrant settiment started rise of the know-nothings. Abraham Lincoln was famously said if you want to get a bad law repealed, enforce it completely. Enforce it to the fullest extent of the law. President Trump did that and then he turned around and sign an executive order because His predecessors have been doing something wrong. But of course the Democrats didn't call out Obama when he was doing it. I believe in a security check, a disease check, before you come here like the Ellis Island years. That's not open borders. Just because I don't want to give away American civil liberties or engage in a massive undertaking for eminent domain, which is not conservative. I think that the federal government destroys everything it touches in general and they waste cash and they spend more than they project on projects. I think we can have border security without creating a massive FDR style public works program on our Souther border. You know, it'll probably take at least 20 years to just steal up all the land under eminent domain. Most people don't know the president. You serve two terms. It's only 8 years. So question is is do you want a yes-man to go to Washington DC? Because a yes-man is not an honest man. I am running against a lot of yes-man. I'm running against a lot of yes-men, and their willing to say whatever it takesto win and have power. I'm not willing to lie to the people of Missouri so that I can exercise arbitrary authority over them. And so I want to make sure that everybody understands what the economics of the stitutation is. You can't have a hoard of peole coming here being undocumented perhaps spreading infectious diseases. But if there is a hurricane in Texas and people want to spread south remember, wall that can be built to keep people out can also be used to keep people in. I don't feel like going through a checkpoint if I'm trying to get the hell out of something happens if I'm on the Border, you know celebrating on the Rio Grande for whatever reason, you know Texas, that's 2/3 that land is privately owned privately owned by the states. So, the Federal government has to come to do all the taking up of that. I don't I don't relish or have glee in the government coming in and using it at domain to take up people's property. So yeah, I think an Ellis Island style protcol, you know, maybe some some centers were people can come and be processed. Everybody wants less illegal immigration. I want no illegal immigration. None, zero. But that means you have to make a legal immigration simpler. Some people want to get rid of them immigration over how many they want fewer people. But if you don't want fewer legal immigrants, you're going to get more illegal immigrants that's just supply and demand.

AF: So would you vote for or against President Trump's wall?

AP: How about how about this is my first compromised. I vote for if you give me if you let me abolish three cabinet level agencies. How's that? How about I want to cut 10% of the entire federal budget? I want to repeal the entire department of education. I want to be a compromise to the states decide maybe the original the original migration patterns come to the states. The federal government didn't have the authority remember? It was the court cases that were said they were out there were trying to stop at these the Chinese from coming. You know that the reason why there so many Chinese restaurants in the United States is because the Chinese Exclusion Act data and exclusionary act that you if your Chinese and you own a business, you can stay in United States. And of course, we had to stop Italians and Irish from bringing Catholicism to the United States. That is dangerous. Right? Remember we were in by the Catholics taking over but maybe if we stop those Italians we wouldn't have that Italian in the senate race trying to take my job. Those Italians are trying to take our jobs. I'm an American I was born here in Missouri, he's trying to take my job, that Italian. So the problem is is it when you really have a real frank discussion about American history and immigration, it makes people uncomfortable it bothers them and and also most people don't learn economics in in high school or college we don't teach it anymore. So I think we got a problem on Southern border. I want to solve it and check out the beat while the DJ cuts government. Cut government, slash welfare, kill welfare state and the War on Drugs federally that's billions of dollars going south hundreds of thousands coming north because of an unconstitutional Federal war on our own people. A bloody war on our own people which creates the games with creates the violence, but of course, we're not willing to address that we want to put a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.

AF: So regarding abolishing federal agencies. There's been a rallying cry now from the left. They're collective rally cry is to abolish ICE there.

AP: I'm sweating and it's not even the weather. I mean when some people talk about abolishing federal agencies people are mad cuz like I want about federal agencies, but it's like I want to buy some more Federal agency is a lots of federal agencies. Let's get her to give me four or five more and it was only created recently, right it was INS before. And I think the Department of Homeland Security has the TSA. Let's just go for the entire department of homeland security cuz imma get rid of porn of gropes at the airport. Nobody likes having her children felt up or groped to the airport by the creepy crawly. Nobody likes the TSA. So,  in theory, of course, you know that doesn't mean we don't have border patrol. Right? That doesn't mean we would have we don't have border security doesn't mean we don't have immigration and custom Services. It just means that we don't do no knock raids and destroy the civil liberties of American people because you know what your security actually isn't more important than our freedom. Did you know that did you know that? Because we're right now we're crying or screaming for security save me from the threat on the phone number to take all my freedoms government. Yeah. I know knock doors. Yeah. We shoot your dogs. How many people here in st. Louis and have had their dog shot by cops. Sorry. I got a little bit whild here, but I'm just sick and

tired of conservative praising big government. It's okay when we do it, it's not. Okay when we do it.

TC:One of the questions I think a lot of people have about your immigration policy you check, background check disease check and that person comes into the country what rights do they have when they walk across are they American citizen? Are they able to vote? What happens when they cross the border and they're here now.

AP: So if you're an American citizen, if you don't have an ID, if you don't have due process, they can Deport you back across the you you've been drinking too many Tequilas you lost. Tijuana and you want to come back to United States if we don't have to process rights in American citizen can get caught up in that Dragnet. That's what I meant when I was talking about the ever getting the Civil Liberties of American citizens here. So the 14th amendment,We had this altercation in the late eighteen hundreds. They called it the Civil War. And when we passed this Constitutional Amendment, it was the 14th Amendment and it says that any person in within the US jurisdiction cannot be denied due process. So yes due process means you can't have your life liberty or property taken from you without due process. So that's an issue. I think that if anything's a fever pitch is that is blowing up right now is I think the end of knowledge meant that the United States have been doing the wrong thing for decades now and that we've accepted it and you know, the Constitution was, no you can't vote If you're not an American citizen, of course you can't vote. I believe in voter ID like we have here in the state of Missouri. But if you if it takes 15 to 25 years to become an American citizen people are going to break the law that's the unattended consequences of the of the mishmash of immigration laws that we have people say we'll just enforce the law but we're a nation of laws poorly written and randomly enforced and so unfortunately we have change the laws to make it simpler for people to come here do a security check a disease check pass the citizenship test. Can you speak English and then get a work visa? But some people don't want that. They don't want it because they think they agree with Karl Marx that the Surplus labor they're taking our jerbs and that that end and they they they swallow the economic fallacies of the left of Marxism has why Bernie Sanders freaks out over people who want to lower the minimum wage because the Surplus labor is bringing the wages down. They don't understand economics the free market Economist all agree with me and I'm a conservative and if you're for bigger government well to the left with you.

AF: I want to ask you a real quick question because there's nothing you could talk about quicker than trade and tariffs.There's a lot of trade War tariffs being placed coming in and going out. What do you think about this administration's approach so far?

AP: Part of me is just secretly desperately. Hoping that it's true that he is the 3d underwater chess master and because he had diplomatic masterstroke at the G7 Summit. They were all calling the president of protectionist in and shouting down Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel and he turned around and looked him in the eyes and crossed his arms and said I will drop all barriers to international trade and if you will. And they were they started choking upright like Claire McCaskill and a ham sandwich before Joe manchin steps in a cracked rib, right like this of the people were shocked. I was shocked. Because I think deep down there. The president knows free trade is good for the United States that brings prosperity and wealth Billion Lives, Saved because of international free trade in capitalism. I got the the facts to prove it The Economist you can search that out and it to me, I think that free trade is good read your Basquiat. Here's the funny thing about protectionism. So, imagine you're a manufacturer of candles or lamps. You can't have all this free sunlight coming into the studio right now. So maybe the government should just force us to close the shades. Because that would actually create jobs for candlemakers right now. We see because this little simple anecdote by Frederic bastiat in the eighteen-hundreds is a French legislator of classical libertarian liberal. Conservative the time, that we've been fighting these problems for decades as mercantilism. We pay the taxes Claire McCaskill's Inn in Southeast, Missouri laughing her butt off as Republicans who have flipped on trade so it because people are losing their jobs Mid-American nail company. They're losing jobs. They say that they'll say it will create 27,000 jobs from the Tariff, but they don't tell you that we're going to lose 5. I almost 500,000 jobs. Because of tax increase we pay that the taxes are on us.

AF: Austin Petersen looking to unseat Claire mccaskill in November. We are loving this primary Tony can't get enough of this primary. August 7th. If you support Austin Petersen. You need to make sure you get to the polls on August 7th.

TC: I'm looking forward to the primary probably more than the general.

AP: Did you guys see the Missouri GOP trying to rig the game yesterday? Where they made that rule change? So they're not going to openly donate to Josh Hawley. It was it like a really sneaky maneuver the executive committee did it without their the regular Committee of Missouri.They had no idea but it's kind of fun because I get to be the underdog

AF: I thought Claire McCaskill was the underdog?

AP: No, yeah. exactly. Yeah, the corruption

TC: How'd you end up being the front-runner after all this.

AP: You know what is funny is that I am the guy who can beat Claire. The thing is is that they're trying to disenfranchise voters and their The Establishment would rather lose with someone that they can  control. Then when was some of they cannot control like myself. But they're going to face voter apathy this November if Josh Hawley doesn't do something quick about the Grassroots. All he would have to do is debate me. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of it because why would I want to argue the conservative statist when I can argue with the Democratic statist, Claire, It's time you and me baby. I'm on 16. Josh is losing by 6. This smart, articulate man is ready to debate Claire McCaskill in the state of Missouri. What do you think St. Louis Annie, Tony Claire, Austin

AF: We will be ther with bells on

AP: Fire Claire AustinforSenate.com

AF: Yeah @AP4Liberty on Twitter. Anything else that you want to promote?  

AP: Let's kick the Republican establishment's butt. Let's send Mitch McConnell back to Kentucky and let's fire Claire McCaskill.