Careers for the Non-Degreed

Corey Malone- Air Comfort Service Heating and Cooling

The Annie Frey Show
August 30, 2018 - 12:46 pm

What are our options after high school?

Most people have one answer: you go to college. For most kids, they don’t even know there are other opportunities besides college when you graduate.

Trade schools are not talked about as an alternative. Corey Malone from Air Comfort Service, one of the great sponsors of the show, says you can go to a trade school and not come out with an immense amount of debt on your hands.

He also brings up that you receive a degree from technical college. “Most parents don’t know that two years in a trade school is an associate degree,” Malone said.

Listen to the interview below:


Also, Air Comfort Service Heating and Cooling presents a salute to our service members. This is a chance for you to highlight a Veteran or active military member and allow them to share their story of service.

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