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Claire McCaskill's Vote To Confirm Judge Kavanaugh

Jeremy Cady, Americans For Prosperity

The Annie Frey Show
July 10, 2018 - 2:45 pm

AF: Joining us now, you can turn the Imperial March off for Jeremy Cady from Americans for Prosperity. Jeremy, thanks for coming on and talking to us about the Supreme Court pick. What do you think about it? And what in the world is Claire McCaskill going to do with her vote?

JC: Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. What are we going to do about it? Well, Americans for Prosperity we strongly support Judge Kavanaugh, he is a highly qualified and experienced nominee to the Supreme Court. He's going to defend the Constitution, he's going to interpret the law as it is written, he's not going to legislate from the bench. And we're going to put our grassroots activists across all 36 states across this nation and engage them on this fight to ensure that he is confirmed. And to put it bluntly, I think, Senator McCaskill should support his confirmation. He was nominated back in 2006 to the Appeals Court, confirmed with the bipartisan support at that time. And I think I, think that Senator McCaskill should support him in this world now as well.

AF: Well, Senator McCaskill didn't have that value when she had the opportunity to confirm Justice Gorsuch. So do you think that anything is different now right before she's about to be on the ballot again. Do you think she'll see anything differently or do you think she'll have to stick to her Democratic roots?

JC: Well, that's a fantastic question. I mean we were engaged heavily with the confirmation of a Judge Gorsuch as well. We are out in the field knocking doors, making phone calls, sending mail to individuals to notify them that they should contact their senators and support Judge Gorsuch. We'll be doing the exact same thing for Judge Kavanaugh. Whether or not Senator McCaskill will be doing something different is yet to be seen but at the same time though, I think, I think it would definitely benefit her to actually do what is right and not confirm a good judge to the bench.

AF: You refer to Kavanagh is a good judge and I think that people were veto paying attention to him. He was on all the short lists, but a lot of the attention at least for the media specifically the mainstream media was shifting over to the Amy Coney Barrett just for the the optics of that, you know of the big bad Catholic that was Amy Coney Barrett. People weren't necessarily looking at Kavanaugh as much in the mainstream media. What do you think makes judge Kavanaugh a good candidate for the Supreme Court?

JC: Well, he's actually got a history of respecting the rule of law respecting the courts independent and a separation of powers. So what makes a good judge is not someone that's legislating from the bench. Judge Kavanaugh even in a lecture to the Heritage Foundation earlier this year had mentioned that if you want to amend the Constitution you offer an amendment Constitution. If you want to adjust policy and that's what the legislators do and I'm paraphrasing obviously. But at the same time though his his job as a judge and this is what he understands it gets is that he he takes the text of the law and the applies it to whatever the case may be and that's what's important and that's why we're so supportive of Judge Kavanaugh.

AF: So a lot of we've heard a lot about activism on the courts not just the Supreme Court then the court system as a whole. What is what is a judge Kavanaugh do for this, you know, the left suggesting that he's going to throw the the Court into a very heavy conservative majority. Do see it that way, do you see it as a conservative strong-arm now on on the Supreme Court if Kavanaugh were to be approved?

JC: The way that I see it, it is that cuz we don't wait judges by how we think they're going to rule on, on, on future cases. But the way that we see it is like I said, we are good Judge one that does not check your own political agenda to a case. That's not what they're applying to the cases their own personal feelings and beliefs, but I take the law and the interpret that law and they apply it to that particular case and that's what we get with judge Kavanaugh and that's what, that's what's going to happen at the Supreme Court would with Judge Kavanaugh on there, that's what he going to bring to the table. I think that's imparitive. And actually that right there I think she was a big distinction between us and those that are more in opposition. If you look at a lot of what they're pushing out depending on what the group, is a lot of what the left is pushing out is is information on we need to know how Judge Gorsuch would rule on this and that and the other it and he cannot be confirmed if he's this that are the other and that's the wrong tactic and that is in fact inappropriate to ask of a judge.

AF: Certainly, will Americans for Prosperity is a wonderful organization. Tell us what Americans for Prosperity does in a scenario like this to help support this constitutional adherents that we have, hopefully with a with a confirmation of Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. What is Americans for Prosperity is role in it, and how can people support your efforts?

JC: Absolutely Americans for Prosperity has over 3 million active is across the nation and 36 of our state chapters. So, we're going to be out knocking doors, we're going to be making calls to the individual homes, you know, doing digital advertising, we've done town halls before. A lot of different ways to reach out to to constituents across the country and in Missouri and ensure that to everyone else that they need to contact their Senators. Both Senator Blunt, Senator McCaskill, let them know that they need to support Judge Kavanaugh. This worked with Judge Gorsuch. We got a lot of sports and a lot of activity on there and we plan on repeating those actions again with Judge Kavanuagh and we need to make sure, certain that there's no parts in obstruction of his appointment and confirmation. And like I said before we would love to see Senator McCaskill make the right decision and actually vote to confirm him as well.

AF: In the efforts that you're making here in Missouri, how passionate are the voters in the state of Missouri right now when it comes to this Claire McCaskill question that we're going to have to answer in November? How engaged are the people who you're talking to through your grassroots efforts regarding the senate seat and the importance of it for, Missouri.

JC: It's hugely important. In fact I would say back in 2016 it was one of the number one issues out there while I was knocking doors and talking to constiuents across the state then at that time, and I think it's still important. I still think Missourians know that we need a good bench, we need judges that are going to respect the rule of law are going to defend the Constitution and they're not going to let their own personal political agendas get in the way.

AF: And so if people want to support Americans for Prosperit, again, tell us what they can do.

JC: They can join us and Americansforprosperity.org we've got a ton of information there, ways for you to contact us and get involved I would love to have everyone's support in getting that done as well.

AF: Awesome, well, Jeremy Cady with Americans for Prosperity @jeremycady on Twitter, also @AFPMissouri. Check out everything Americans for Prosperity cuz you guys are doing fantastic work and making it easier for people to be involved, engaged and actually I make a difference.