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Democrats Should Be Blaming Obama For Trump's SCOTUS Pick

Liz Peek, Columnist

The Annie Frey Show
July 06, 2018 - 1:57 pm

AF: There is a great article, which I just tweeted out @anniefreyshow, a Fox News opinion article written by Liz Peek. And Liz, thank you so much for joining us today to talk about this. Appreciate have you on.

LP: Hey, thanks for having me on, I'm delighted to join you. 

AF: So, your headline is Democrats are Furious about Trump  and the Supreme Court they have only Obama to blame and I saw that and I was like, wait what? And then when I read it I

thought she's right tell us about that had to come to that conclusion.

LP: Well, look I mean Democrats basically are in no position to oppose the replacement of Justice Kennedy because of course, they don't have a majority or control of the Senate. But  you have to kind of go back further than that. I mean, it is amazing to me that President Obama still ranks very high in terms of approval amongst Democrats when there's no question that he completely trashed his own party for 8 years. People forget that the Democrats lost any enormous and actually an unprecedented number of Senate and House Seats and Governorships across the land and state legislatures. I mean really people defected and droves. So where are we now? Obviously, there's not much hope, at least most people don't think that the Democrats have much of a shot of regaining control of the Senate come fall. They need to do that to have any influence on the court and my point sort of starting out on this piece was, look everyone's heard of saying, oh Trump courted Kennedy, he recommended he said, you know step down he appointed his clerk to the Neil Gorsuch to the court. He did a lot of things to curry favor with Kennedy and to make him comfortable in stepping down. Why didn't Obama do that with Ruth Bader Ginsburg? At least then they would know that they had four reliable, liberal votes on the court going forward. And now you know Ginsberg is 85. She may well retire in the next two years, but certainly if Trump is elected over the next six years, you've got to think that she's a likely candidate to step down. You know, this  is a change of the court as we have not seen in a very very long time. And really Obama was, I call it political malpractice in this in this piece, but it's unbelievable to me that he completely ignore the situation.

AF:Yeah, he certainly had the chips on his side when it came to the Supreme Court and knowing the legacy that it would leave behind. and thing that really pulled me into this article that you wrote for her opinion article that you wrote for Fox News, was you ask why did President Obama not plan for such a possibility? Which would at least have guaranteed for Liberal votes in the court. The obvious answer is that he never anticipated that the opportunity would pass

LP: Yeah, and I think you know again, I'm not a huge fan of President Obama because he never questioned  where he was going or  what path he was taking. Even as,  beginning in 2010, let's face it. He got a serious drubbing in those midterm elections. He barely squeaked through the 2012 election and his supporters would deny that, but the truth is that was a tight race and running as an incumbent it should not be a tight race. And then 2014, of course, they lost the Senate. So meanwhile again across the country to sort of devastation of the democratic party at all level so here are they now? They're impotent, they're furious, and they have absolutely no recourse whatsoever. Now, I think a lot of their bloviating and anguishing over a new Supreme Court pick is overwrought because I do think that the things the issues that they are most concerned about starting with of course abortion and Roe v Wade, I think there's very little appetite actually on the court or in the country to overturn Roe v Wade. I know that there are pro-life people who are very dedicated to this, but I think it's a traditional level, it isn't going to happen, but you know, I could obviously be wrong. But also you have some senators are three women senators were Republicans who are pretty convinced that's not the way the country was to go so they won't vote for any candidate who does not respect precendent. That's sort of code for will uphold of 40, what is it 40 years or whatever, it's been of Roe v Wade, and so I don't think that the Democrats are correct in thinking that this is going to mean a really serious turn on social issues necessarily. But I got to tell you the Janus decision is a very important one in my view. That was the one that basically said that government worker unions could no longer collect dues from non-union members. That's a serious blow because that's the money that funds a lot of the  Democratic party. So, you know decisions like that or could have been changed the way the country is heading and you know what that they really can't do much about it.

AF: We're speaking with Liz Peek who's a Fox News contributor and also a writer for The Hill. You can see her more of her stuff at Lizpeek.com or on Twitter @Lizpeek. You know what you're talking about President Obama and when the Democrats had their their arms firmly wrapped around government, they controlled quite a bit of government there at the beginning and then as it waned away, they approached it with this kind of elitist, aloof attitude and it seems as though going into the 2016, the election they had a massive lack of self-awareness and now they're flailing quite a bit in the wake of that and you cite Ben Rhodes' book the world as it is a memoir of the Obama White House and you say President Obama asks his aides after Donald Trump's election, what if I were or what if we were wrong? And that's pretty indicative of what we see right now because a lot of support his continued to flood president Trump's way some of it to trickle some of it's a flood but the man who we were elected in 2016, he's the man we hoped he'd be in 2018, but we didn't know, when we elected him how it would go. But for many people it was the alternative that they weren't willing to stand and The Supreme Court was a huge decision.

LP: Absolutely.

AF: In someone's in in and how people voted in that election. You know, how do you think the Democratic party that you know, President Obama still the leader of the democratic party as far as I can tell because I haven't seen anyone else surface, h ow do you think the Democratic party regroups after all of this loss and this flailing?

LP: Well, I think you know it is the  simplest equation in the world, right? I mean, the oldest cliche in politics, it's the economy stupid. What president Trump has managed to accomplish and there is no question that he has done this through tax cuts and through working with the business community to rollback regulations that were really just suffocating the sort of animal spirits, if you will, of the entrepreneurial community in particular, he has really enlivened and the optimism and the willingness to invest in the confidence in the  economy. I think it is extremely hard for Democrats now and we've seen Nancy Pelosi spinning circles trying to figure out why the tax cuts were a bad idea why the middle class getting a bonuses and increase wages is a bad idea. They have no response to that. They really don't income inequality is an issue, namely when people are feeling very pessimistic about their own prospects right now that is not the case. In fact, you know the confidence in the country consumer confidence and competence of business managers and owners has hit record highs in many cases or level 3 not seen in 45 years.

AF: Right.

LP: I mean it's pretty astonishing and you can track that to literally the two weeks after the election. So is it Trump? Yes it is and there is just no denying that, that just sort of lit a fire, fireplug under the economy. And where did the Democrats go now? I think what's remarkable is they still have the support mainly of minorities although we see even the minority vote is better for Trump related candidates than it has ever been and for Trump himself. But for example, you know the Hispanic Community continues to pull out the vote for Democratic candidates and also  obviously chide Donald Trump on his immigration policies. On the other hand as you point out the Democrats have complete control of Congress for two years and they spent that if you will on Obamacare, they did nothing f or immigration or for Latinos in America and coming into a 2012 election. That was really a problem for Obama, which is why you had DREAMER act and other things that he did then to try and try to win back the Hispanic Community. But they really haven't done anything for all these groups that they talk about and loyalty they expect they don't deserve that loyalty. So frankly unless they really can kind of pull rabbits out of hats right now, if they take the House, that's a different issue. They may, I mean that sort of the natural course of events if they do win the house in November they better have something to show for it because  I don't really see how they can put anyone up against Donald Trump at this point, and win

AF: Yeah, absolutely. Well, Liz Peek, thank you so much for this article. Thanks for joining us today. People can go follow you on Twitter @Lizpeek and Lizpeek.com. great stuff. Appreciate it.

LP: Thank you for having me. Have a good day.

AF: You too. Enjoy your weekend.